Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back to Bora

It's my second visit to Boracay this year and just as I was thinking would be more of routine since I've been here just months before. Things literally had been shaken up, turned upside down and inside out.

The Zorb Ball was quite an experience. Stuffed in a rubber ball slid downhill with the waters being a cushion to ease the rough and tumble ride. A must try really... Falling off the banana boat in the middle of the bluewaters was another highlight. Floating in midsea after an exhilarating ride is another feat I'd keep in my memory bank. And then there's the picturesque view of the outdoors... a nice over looking view of Bora via Mt. Luho... the beachfront... and of course who could forget the nice sunset view at Willy's Island...

This time we had more of our share of the night life and the people (though mostly foreigners)... and the variety of food... fun... fun... and really quite heavy on the diet menu... but who cares, I had another nice treat of the island of Boracay.