Sunday, April 24, 2011

Chilling in the Bora Sun

I had my time in the Bora Sun after about 2 years from being away from the fine white sands of this Island. While the previous visits was spent on adventures, this trip was just spent to chill and relax.

It's a real change in my frenetic pace to just go on with my day with no time pressure and do what you want at the spur of the moment or at your preferred pace. It was fun just lounging around at the beach front, taking a leisurely walk along the island, listening to good music with good company, food tripping, alcohol overload, island hopping, beachside massage, sunset viewing, tattoos, parties and just being amazed by the throngs of people moving around the island and the best part about it you are not bounded by time.

Boracay has its extreme sides... a serene side during the day with all the adventures and the relaxing beach front experience and party like no tomorrow side during the night which can cater to a variety of crowd. It was a great weekend with the only downside being that I'm now burnt and roasted but who cares It's summer time and I getting burned by the Bora sun is in the order of priorities at this time of year.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Viewing the Golden Sunset

Went to join the Company Outing in Golden Sunset Resort after a crowded 10K run and a over 3 hours drive to Calatagan, Batangas. It does not help that there's not much indication how far the place is and does not even direct you when you are in the actual street already but all bad first impression aside, we were able to find the place.

The place is like a much simpler Villa Escudero, complete with the cultural shows. It holds several pools, spa, videoke, outdoor museum, butterfly sanctuary and several acres of fishponds but what sets the distinction is that when it is sunset time, it does own a splendid view of the Golden Sun as it crosses into the night. Fishing was a unique experience even if after all the attempts I just managed to catch one (Oh well, you can't have them all), The 2-hour Indulgence Massage at the pond was relaxing with the fresh breeze as an added feature. The rooms were comfy, food abundant and the amenities are reasonably priced and overall it was a nice rest and relaxation breather.

The grass is dry and looks like the summer heat has taken its toll in maintaining the lush-green look. Oh well, forget the green grass, just jump into the blue pool. It's summer time and there is no other place I'd rather be spending it than in the Ph various islands. More travel tales to come definitely...