Monday, December 27, 2010

Look Up in the Sky

Baguio has shown a rapid deterioration over the years because it has become too urbanized yet it still owns a cool climate that makes it a haven for those who still want a get away. A center for education, a attraction for hordes of tourist and it has also attracted a lot of foreign population.

One area that has recovered its luster is Camp John Hay. I do enjoy breakfast at the Manor while overlooking the mountain terrains and the pine tree filled landscape. I was able to catch the new attraction during the Christmas Holiday... A tree top adventure. It's a bit pricey but if you want to have a thrilling ride, it's worth a try... Fly like superman... Glide like the silver surfer... Drop from the trees at an accelerated pace... Or just have a relaxing canopy ride... The rides are quite spaced away from each other so just trying it out, gives you a nature trekking adventure.

I'm quite happy that they thought of a tree-top adventure in Baguio and I just wonder what took them that long to come up with this idea. It could have been great to have this weekend alternative when I was still in Baguio. Anyway, I may get another shot as I head for home in a few days...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've been lucky enough to have several stops in Shanghai over the years and this time I was able to take a peak at the World Expo. I didn't have much time as I spent just probably a day and a half here which includes a board meeting but as always, if you want time, you'll find a way to make it work.

Short as it is, I was able to have a nice walk to admire the lights at the Bund and TV tower area... It's really a nice scene when old school buildings meets the bright lights with the darkness of the night as a canvass but of course, the main attraction of this trip was the extravagant displays at the world expo.

World expo... My first memories that comes along with it was the almost an hour queue just to get in and the inside was impressive even if we only got to see a few and only entered on pavilion (Philippines) since we only had a few hours to navigate the place. Of course, the heat was scorching hot... the crowd was suffocating and the walks was endless but it's still a welcome experience to just be mesmerized by the extravagant displays of each of the country. Too bad, these would be taken down at the end of the Expo. My take, it's a great place to visit but do start early and take at least a full day. I wished I did have more time but I'm still glad I was able to squeeze some time at the World Expo.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cooling Down the Hot Way

Korean's spots has seem to invade the Philippine landscape so in a change of scenario... It's time to invade their haven via a visit to 88 Hot Springs in the border of Calamba and Los Banos, Laguna. Just a little over an hour from Manila and into the confides of the hot spring.

It's quite amazing how the wonders of warm water from the underground volcanic springs of Mt. Makiling can do wonders to your health. The place was overflowing with warm pools, several amusing (...bordering towards the green areas of the mind) landscapes, a lake and an Feng Shui energy pool whose 37 - 43 degrees temperature was both a challenge and a healthy experience.

A different way of cooling down from the hot temperature... Cooling down the Hot Way... We also had an additional treat of a running in the rainfall and enjoying a dip in the pool with Mt. Makiling as a back drop.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Up in the Air in Cebu

As a piece of trivia, my first ever time to ride a plane was a journey to Cebu over a decade ago. I've been here a second time years later and now is the first time I get to visit the place post-digicam era.

I did enjoy the same old things I did enjoy in the past visits. Seafoods at Su Tu Kil... An Overlooking view at the tops... The fun in the sun in Plantation Bay... The Historic Magellan Cross and Lapu Lapu Shrine... the dried seafood market... and I did have a taste of the new... a Skywalk at Crowne Towers (This is my second Skywalk, the first being in Macau)... It was quite exciting to watch the independence day parades up in the air.

A trip to queen city of the south was a nice summer time breather and it is always a pleasure being in Cebu and the next time I get to hit this area, I'm definitely going to its famous beaches...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Merlion's Growth

I do get my at least once a year trip to Singapore and in terms of infrastructure, it doesn't fail to offer something new each time I come back. New structures, new attractions and new means of pulling tourist back in this red dot state.

2010 had seen the two casinos rise to pull droves of gambling tourists hopping in and out of the country. They have one shaped like a deck of cards (Sands) and another one in Sentosa (Resort World), They also have a new Universal Studio in Sentosa (which I was not able to visit since tickets were sold out).

For a tiny country, Singapore has diversified its market for tourism, now with Casinos and new theme parks and the Singapore Flyer is just above a year old. The Merlion country is growing.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Time in Clark

Spent the Holy Week in Clark and the part I enjoyed about this former military base was that it was traffic free. Driving here was such an ease though as my regular nature is, we did get lost from time to time.

We stayed in Clearwater Country Club. The place was big and we had to drive from our inn to the reception area. I love the swing. The lake was a nice backdrop though I guess due to the heat the grass was dry. We also had our chance visiting Clark Expo, Zoocobia, Mimosa, Casino and visiting a few chapels as well. We had fine food and wine at Yats and London Pub.

Clark was a nice breather and it's nice to see old american structures as offices and It's an excellent location when you'd want to escape the city life.