Saturday, January 29, 2011


Wasn't able to take an early flight out of Taipei so had to spend my weekend here and that includes my weekend running chores. So I decided to run in Taipei Botanical Garden after 20 minutes walk to MRT, 3 stops later and another 15 minutes walk was finally out running.
It was a cool experience or rather I should say cold being the weather at the time. It was a nice running around the garden with the trees, the rare plants, the squirrels, the lanscapes, the lake and the ever changing terrains. I always like to spend time here being such a serene place.
It wasn't my best time but considering the odds of the cold weather, I'm just glad I'm still moving after the 5 kilometer run. Of course, the downside could have me being added as a frozen monument in the park. Oh well, that didn't happen so I'd take it as a very nice scenic run.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Running the Subic Scenery

I attended my first out of town and international marathon in Subic and it was a whole new running experience and at such a reasonable budget. For all the trips I had in Subic, I rarely get a chance to stay long in this area.

Having the whole road traveling by feet, you get to appreciate the place in a different light. You get to see the nice sceneries at some parts overlooking the bay, the lush greenery and all the shops and structures. Then there's the much crisper and fresher breath of air and the not so warm early morning temperature. It was a much appreciated change of environment and it did show in time with my fastest 10K so far at 1:02.

Of course, we're still able to enjoy other features that make Subic famous. Dinner at the bay, coffee and drinks at the Lighthouse and those mouth-watering TJ ribs. Such a nice reward from a tiring fast paced run. It's just two expressway away so it won't be a surprise if I'd be lost here again sometime.