Saturday, January 29, 2011


Wasn't able to take an early flight out of Taipei so had to spend my weekend here and that includes my weekend running chores. So I decided to run in Taipei Botanical Garden after 20 minutes walk to MRT, 3 stops later and another 15 minutes walk was finally out running.
It was a cool experience or rather I should say cold being the weather at the time. It was a nice running around the garden with the trees, the rare plants, the squirrels, the lanscapes, the lake and the ever changing terrains. I always like to spend time here being such a serene place.
It wasn't my best time but considering the odds of the cold weather, I'm just glad I'm still moving after the 5 kilometer run. Of course, the downside could have me being added as a frozen monument in the park. Oh well, that didn't happen so I'd take it as a very nice scenic run.

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