Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lovin' La Bellarocca

Bellarocca has been on my must-visit list for about a year now so when I got an available schedule and a good deal a few months ago, I immediately grabbed it even without a concrete plan. I'm coming into Bellarocca with such a high expectation and a lot of excitement. I usually plan before a trip but this one says anything goes... let them surprise me.

Just 40 minutes from Manila and another 45 minutes land travel, we got to see a lush green island with Greek Santorini-inspired white structures situated alone in a middle of a body of water. Another 5 minutes ride via speedboat and we are now transported to the breath-taking island of Bellarocca welcomed by their ever-friendly staff.

We were housed in a Terraza which is a villa with two spacious bedrooms with its own bathroom and a dining area. It's just a few steps away from the clubhouse with a view overlooking the Marina, the Aqua Sports area and just in-front of Mt. Malindig which also houses their 9-hole golf course. It also has a nice sunset and sunrise view from the veranda area of the Terraza.

After a tour of the island, the first thing I tried was wind-surfing... wind surfing... wind surfing. We'll you really get a lot of tries on this one as you tend to fall most of the time from balancing the sail from the wind and the weight of lifting the sail. I did fall a lot but was able to have brief moments of balancing the sail so I'll take that along with the liters of sea water I swallowed from falling so often. We also got a chance at a dip in the sea and the nearby infinity pool in the area.

Next up was a taste of the food in the place. At first, you'd get intimidated by the prices but when you get to taste their various dishes, you'll realize it was well worth it. We never had a meal that we didn't like, didn't appreciate and didn't finish. It had a unique taste and had a lot of variety. My hats off to the Chef. Come to think of it, the price is not really that far from the regular lunch and dinners in Makati.

After all the luscious meals, now to burn it off with a early morning 5K run. I really reserved one of my training runs for this weekend and to do it in this environment. It was nice running here with the friendly staff and crew greeting you good morning every time you pass them. The weather was still cool and a bit drizzly and the uphill terrain was really challenging. I also crossed my 1,000 kilometer of training in this area. Running is always a nice way to explore places.

First time for my Mom and Tita at Kayak and Snorkling. The Kayak around the island was a real workout and it was a good way to see the island and a a chance to appreciate the various rock structures and terrains. The snorkling in the Marina area was also impressive with so many fishes and marine life in the area. They also have staffs to assist you in kayaking and snorkling. By the way, the wind-surfing, kayaking and snorkling are complimentary for guests and I was able to try it all.

I also had a few minutes at the Gym using the treadmill and doing some situps while awaiting my trip to the Golf Course. They also have a 9-hole golf course just across the island. I'm no golfer but I still went there for a photo opportunity and it had a splendid view overlooking Bellarocca and it's easily accessible via a few minutes in a speed boat and a short drive.

It's already quite a tiring day so had doze of watching DVD and also watching time to time people trying out the different water sports and so far It seems that everybody had the same experience I had at Wind Surfing. I think all-in-all I was able to use most of the facility and was able to make the most out of this trip. I am completely satisfied but even as I checked out and settled all my dues I was still in for another surprise. We were sent off by a rainbow... no, make that two rainbows and thus concludes my first date with Bella and I say first as I definitely would want to come back here and I know that's just me catching a good deal away once again. Time and again, you need to pamper yourself and people get the impression that Bellarocca is such a pricey place to visit but there are good deals that makes it in the same price range or even cheaper as other vacation spots and on a closing note, I'm practically jumping for joy and the I'm Lovin' La Bellarocca.

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